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A dreamy Fantasia

attraction-mysteriousAhlem El Mezni


I remember that night when he cheers me up and smiled, he was so noticed but maybe just by I; a peaceful man with an enigmatic smile besides two withered eyes.
Damn his eyes! They were so nice, so I melt …

Honestly, I was so noticed to (as he said, too); A hot woman in black, with a sexy tattoo on my left shoulder.
I didn’t want anyone of those guys who asked me to dance or to share our numbers but him.



Moreover, I don’t like normal things, and he was not kinda normal fellow. He was extremely mysterious and weird. There was something on him which puzzled and dazzled my mind as well as my heart!

“Does he believe in love at first sight!!” I wondered.

Well! It was not really Love! that kind of strong emotions which we read about on the fairy tales.
It was a powerful attraction or a freaky feeling which hits you when u meet a stranger, that you hardly know him, but all what you want is to know every single thing about his life.

I loved to talk to him. Actually, I was drunk enough to crawl next to that attractive silhouette. I can’t help but starting a conversation, which ended up by a cold good night.

Even though, that short conversation was priceless.
The sleepy butterflies in my stomach woke up, and in melodious voice they sang “I’m the highest bird in the sky”.


Ahlem El Mezni

A dreamy Fantasia