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By Hiba Mezni : 

They ask me who I am

From where I came, what’s my name

They though I’ll get shame

They’ll have the opportunity to blame

But it doesn’t’ seem to be the same

I said I’m a flower with a mind

With a direction to find

With memories behind

I’m a butterfly with a pen

As strong as hundred men

When I feel ugliness I close my eyes

And count to ten

I see my dreams which begin

I open them and dream again and again

I’m such a youthful tree

Who want to visit the sea

To be where she cannot be

That’ the real me

Not a lie in the crowd

Not a number on the board

Not a face in the road

I’m humanity and feelings

I’m beauty and meanings

I’m the pages of a book

I’m the age it took

To get old and forgot

I’m the future and this day

When everybody’ll walk away

While I’m standing

Looking and meditating

I’m a girl with no name

From nowhere I came

That’s me and that’s what I’ll always gonna be

By Hiba Mezni