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sentiments-souvenirsBy Hiba Mezni

And you left your shadow on my pure body

Like a cap of milk mixed with toddy

But now, it’s gone

As that smile of our naïve, foolish fights


As the Jazz we danced on that one night

I remember you lost your rhythm

And your metaphysics of time

Under my fallen dress

Life was so tragic…

As Phaedra’s destiny

As Chopin’s Nocturne melody

Blood in my veins had flux density

While my soul used to bleed

But now it’s gone

As the memory of your first met

In the land of nowhere, in lost... I bet

In a temple at the age of wars

When your dimples enlightened like thousand stars

Where guns’ shots played us a special waltz

Out of our pain, out of our thoughts

Then yeah, your illusionist smile when you…

Finally, reposed a kiss on my naked poems of you…

Now, it faded away

And it’s gone

You used to look so clean like sea

Empty and calm but full of mystery

Didn’t know I can drown so quickly, yet so deep

Like a disaster, like Shakespeare’s Oedipus

At the sight of the colour of your lips met the morning sun

Like a painting on some Vienna’s walls

Like a metaphor of burning fire when snow falls

Like abnormal belief of comebacking souls

About multiple lives for some bodies with holes

And that terrifying reflexion about the infinite emptiness after existence

Oh, this reminded me of Opera plays with charming actress

All the magic it had

And the music in my head

How this memory now makes me sad…

Even when it’s all gone

The wild blue little heaven on top of our world

Told me that I should write you a final word

But to me, poems will keep me detainee in you forever

I know you are always as lovely as ever

As moonlight, as cuddles and touches at cold weather

No, it ain’t be that sweet, it will turn to poison

As long at it is meant, as long as it’s not freely chosen

Love has lost its black art

And for this, I’ll be gone..


by Hiba Mezni