United against Terror

abou-bakr-baghdadi-tunisieToday; hate speech, beheading, rape and bomb attacks are becoming daily news on an unprecedented scale, Islam and the Muslim world are through one of its deepest crisis, four years ago the Arab revolutions and the removal of ruthless dictatorships like Tunisia's Ben Ali “iron fist” was a tremendous step toward democracy, but since then some side-effects appeared in a form of a dark force of medieval nature, a mixture of an apocalyptic Islamic dogma and a warmongering militant jihad, an unholy terror devouring everything in its path putting democracy and progress on hold.

I am not venturing to discuss who is pulling the strings, but it is almost clear to me that everyone is involved from superpowers to the light minded youth because it is superficial to think that it is only Arabs and Muslim's concern, this Jihadist killing spree is consuming and attracting at the same level if not more westerners, so everyone must be concerned, it is an international major issue. 

The Islamists psychosis(1) is far more complicated then to discuss it through these lines nonetheless Al Qaeda, ISIS or BOKO HARAM are just names, we have to dismantle the engine driving behind which somehow giving wings to this medieval and brutal groups, but if both the international community and the superpowers for some reason choose to turn a blind eye, then obviously we will be sucked by a black hole of terror and automatically the world will be sunken into dark ages, similar to the fate of Rome fallen under the swords of the Visigoths, or Baghdad with its magnificent house of wisdom torched and reduced to ashes by the Mongols ... some may say that « history is repeating itself”, doesn't it?

Personally, I think that history is an open book to read and to learn from and at the present moment I don't like where things are heading, darkness is upon us, sadly I don't have answers nor solutions, but at least, for now, I can draw... 

(1) Refers to an abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a "loss of contact with reality".

Article and caricature by Bayrem Zouari, founder and art director of the web magazine


Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi : chief head of ISIS ( Islamic State in Iraq and Syria)

United against Terror